Success Stories:

It is not uncommon for Comal County CPS caseworkers to seek and receive financial assistance from our board to cover a child’s daycare costs. While CPS provides a daycare subsidy to qualified caregivers, the coverage often does not begin until the child has attended daycare for the two weeks. As well, daycare funding availability limits childcare coverage for only children who require a uncomplicated level of care and who are younger than school aged. Many caregivers cannot afford to pay daycare cost and as a result are unable to provide a home for a daycare aged child.

The Comal County Child Welfare Board never wants a child to lose an opportunity to be placed with a loving family because of this administrative/financial burden. In June, our board approved a request from CPS caseworker to pay for summer daycare for a 5-year-old child diagnosed with autism.

“This is an emergency request in order to make sure that the child thrives in his new placement and keeps up his school like routine. This daycare assistance would allow the foster mother to be able to continue her employment and provide care of the child. This would allow much needed socialization of him as he will be the only child in the home and is diagnosed with Autism. I have called all of the local day cares and the Autism Community resources within the area. This day care is the only program that can meet both the child’s and the future foster mothers’ needs. The day care has experience with children who have Autism and the daycare currently has two children enrolled who have the same developmental disabilities.”

Three siblings, ages 6, 7 and 11 years old were removed from their parent’s home by court order and placed in the home of their aunt and uncle. The children’s caseworker’s request for the CCCWB to pay for after-school care for the children was approved.

“The children are needing after school care, but since school is about to be released for the summer the school will not accept them in their after-school program. The children are over the age of 5 and so the Department will not pay for the after-school program. The caregivers are running out of babysitters and need the help ASAP. The children will be able to interact with other children during the after-school program and be in a secure place together. This will provide the caregivers more time to pick them up after school is out. This will allow for the placement to care for the children.”