The Comal County Child Welfare Board believes it is wrong for any child in our community to suffer the loss of everything familiar. It is unacceptable for that child to want for anything after being removed from his or her home. Children shouldn’t have to do without just because of mistakes their parents made. The Comal County Child Welfare Board is committed to supporting and providing for children in our county who are the victims of abuse and neglect.

Our overarching goal is to meet the needs of these children so they can heal from previous trauma, improve their self-confidence/self-image, achieve permanency, increase academic achievement, learn to manage and improve their behaviors at school or in their placements, lower emotional distress, improve health, and improve their household environments.


No child in Comal County should have to leave his home because his parents didn’t protect him.

No Comal County child should have to leave her school and her friends because there aren’t enough foster homes in Comal County.

No child in Comal County should have to pack her belongings in garbage bags or feel embarrassed about her clothes, her lack of school supplies or her inability to participate in “normal” activities.

No child should experience these things, yet Child Protective Services is currently working with more than 300 Comal County children who are victims of abuse or neglect. Most of these children now live in foster homes, kinship homes, or residential treatment centers because the courts determined they would be in imminent danger if they remained in their own homes

The future prosperity of Comal County depends on our ability to foster the health and well-being of our children — our next generation of citizens. It is our shared responsibility to help our youngest and future generations thrive in communities throughout Comal County. If we all work together — CCCWB board members, CPS caseworkers, non-profit agencies such as the United Way of Comal County, Carrying Hope and New Braunfels Angels and compassionate Comal County citizens — we can change the trajectory of so many children’s lives from despair to hope.

The Mission of the Comal County Child Welfare Board is to support the victims of child abuse and neglect; ensure that the needs of Comal County children in foster care are met; and educate the local community regarding these issues.

Children’s Needs Met:

In 2021, the CCCWB provided direct financial assistance to Comal County children in CPS care in the following ways:

Provided $8,000 for new school clothes;

Purchased $5,000 for beds and bedding;

Purchased $27,028 worth of items to stock the Rainbow Room;

Gifted $4,000 in birthday gift cards;

Paid $2,500 in home rental assistance;

Purchased $6,000 worth of Christmas gifts for children who did not have sponsors;

Paid $3,000 for interim child care;

Served more than 200 children by providing items from the Rainbow Room;

Seeking New Board Members:

If you would like to make a real difference in the lives of Comal County’s most vulnerable citizens, please reach out to us and we will provide you with additional information about joining the Comal County Child Welfare Board. Email CCCWBPresident@gmail.com or use the form below.

Christmas Gifts for Comal County Foster Children:

In December, 2019 the Comal County Child Welfare Board organized its annual Christmas Gift Campaign to benefit abused and neglected children in Comal County. 326 children received gifts they specifically requested because of the overwhelming generosity of our community who purchased the gifts.