Despite Comal County’s relatively small size and tight-knit community, last year 100 Comal County children were legally removed from their homes and placed in the temporary custody of CPS after courts determined they would remain in imminent danger if left with their parents.


No child in Comal County should have to leave his home because his parents didn’t protect him.

No Comal County child should have to leave her school and her friends because there aren’t enough foster homes in Comal county.

No child in Comal County should have to pack her belongings in garbage bags or feel embarrassed about her clothes, a lack of school supplies or her inability to participate in “normal” activities.

No child should experience these things, yet Child Protective Services is currently working with more than 300 Comal County children who are victims of abuse or neglect. Most of these children now live in foster homes, kinship homes, or residential treatment centers because the courts determined they would be further harmed if they remained in their homes


In the past year,  100 children in Comal County were legally removed from their homes and their temporary custody was assigned to CPS because they had been abused or neglected;

Because of the acute shortage of foster homes in Comal County, only 25% of Comal County children who were legally removed from their homes because of abuse and neglect were able to stay in Comal County while their parents worked to regain full custody. The remaining 75% of these children had to move to other counties and cities in Texas;

During the previous 12 months, 1,628 allegations of child abuse in Comal County were reported.  Of the 596 investigations that resulted from these allegations, 344 cases were validated for abuse and neglect of the child or children;

62% of all Comal County children in foster care are under the age of 10;

In 2019, 349 parents worked with CPS  Family Based Safety Services  (FBSS) caseworkers who helped them improve their parental protective capacity and avoid legal intervention to remove their children from their homes;

Last year, 50 Comal County children were adopted and permanent legal guardianship of 61 children was transferred to relatives;

60 Comal County children are currently awaiting adoption;